Howard Stern Berates Kyle Richards For Emotionally Exploiting Her Kids For A Storyline

howard stern kyle richards kids

Howard Stern has major feelings regarding Kyle Richards using her kids for a storyline.

The King Of All Media admitted, “I’m a big Beverly Hills housewife fan. I watch that show religiously” before berating Kyle for emotionally exploiting her kids.

“One of the girls on there, Kyle, it looks like her marriage is on the rocks,” begins the shock jock.

“She calls a meeting with her children and discusses it with them on camera.”

Kyle using her kids for a tv show, “That’s the craziest shit I ever saw” exclaimed Howard Stern.

“The huuuussssband **why does Howard sound like Meredith Marks there?!?!** seems in on it, but the family [Kyle] is so hell-bent on being famous they bring the kids – the young kids – on camera.”

“I mean, I love it. Don’t get me wrong,” regarding the popular Bravo TV show.

“Kids are crying, literally.”

“I’m a divorced guy. I can’t imagine … telling your kids is the most horrible thing you can do to them.”

Howard’s co-host, the incredible Robin Ophelia Quivers, added, Plus, “you gotta wait for the cameras to be set up before you” break your children’s hearts.

Howard continued his RHOBH rant, now targeting Kyle’s estranged husband, Mauricio Umansky, along with Kyle, for using their kids for ratings.

“And the husband, he got a glass of wine!” In between fits of giggles, Howard added, “Excuse me, he’s pouring a glass of wine, this guy. He’s slugging it down during” the scene with Kyle and the kids just sitting there.

“I’m watching this thing I said, ‘This is the greatest train wreck I’ve ever seen.'”

“This poor woman wants to be famous so bad, she dragged the kids in to sit and tell them they are having marital problems.”

“And the one youngest daughter, she’s in tears and crying.”

“What the fuck?! I am a divorced guy, it was horrible for my children. I can’t imagine doing that.”

Watch Howard slam Kyle for exploiting her kids:

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