First Time Peach Holder Marlo Hampton Promises "Shade, And Fussing, And Fighting" For RHOA's 14th Season

"You're going to get so much laughter. You're going to get so much rudeness."

May 1, 2022 1:52pm

I always had the juice, but now, I got the peach!” –Marlo Hampton

Real Housewives of Atlanta ‘friend of’ turned full-time cast member RHOA’s 14th season is ready for audiences to learn more about her, and of course, deliver the “shade, and fussing, and fighting” that RHOA fans crave.

More from Marlo:

In an interview with, Marlo mentioned she’s “open to dating, and you’ll get to see more of dating soon.”

“So just watch and you’ll find out all about the dating.” Marlo reiterated, “I’ll say it 100 times, that everyone really gets to come into my life.”

“You get to see when I wake up in the morning. You get to see how I make my money, what everyone wants to know.” (Way to know your audience, “Marlo Faboulus F*cking Hampton.”)

“You just get to see all of Marlo.” (Is there anything better than a Real Housewife speaking in third person?!)

What to expect from RHOA14:

Marlo told People, “You can expect friendship. You can expect love. You can expect, of course, shade, and fussing, and fighting, and it’s a good mixture. You can expect everything.”

“You’re going to get so much laughter. You’re going to get so much rudeness,” elaborates the self proclaimed ‘munty’ (that’s mom + aunty for those who don’t speal Marlo…)

“It’s just classic Real Housewives of Atlanta moments. That’s what you’re going to get, good old classic moments that you love.”

Here’s a sneak peak:

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