Family Karma Star Amrit Kapai’s Fiance Nicholas Kouchoukos Was Physically Attacked

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What started as a night full of love and devotion took a nasty turn as Family Karma star Nicholas Kouchoukos was physically assaulted in Northalsted‘s Boystown.

A tragic tale:

Amrit Kapai took to his Instagram story to share the horrific account of what his fiance endured.

“Tonight after our proposal watch party, Nicholas was walking down the street in Boystown to meet me. A man got out of his car and punched Nicholas in his face [sic]. I have been so clueless. This is not OK. We do not feel safe. In the #Northhalsted neighborhood. [sic] I will not stay silent.”

Moving forward:

Regaining control of the situation, Amrit chose to transition the night back to its purpose- a celebration of love.

“This is what we will remember from the night. A room full of love, friends, and laughter. [sic] Despite the cruel and unnecessary act of violence against Nicholas, he and I are both doing ok and ready to move forward stronger than ever. We seriously appreciate all the love and support from everyone. At the end of the day, love will always prevail over hate. 🙏🏽🏳️‍🌈”


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Bravolebrities and Bravoholics react:

Droves of supporters took to the comments to share their good wishes for the couple.

Family Karma beauty, Bali Chainani, reposted Amrit’s story to her Instagram page with the caption, “What should have been a long night of celebrating love, ended in hate and fear. 💔 I’m so sorry @njkouchoukos @amritkapai – NO ONE deserves this! Love you both and sending you love and light! Remember, you are #brahma ✨✨.”

Real Housewives of DallasD’Andra Simmons wrote, “This is awful. I’m sending prayers. 🙏❤️” while Real Housewives of Miami‘s Marysol Patton, left the acronym “Omg” alongside the wide-eyed emoji.

Fans left messages for the couple like “😢😢😢 This is so sad. Boystown is supposed to be a place for us to feel safe” and “This is so sad and absolutely not ok. Love is love is love. Wishing so much light and strength to them, to all of us. Love wins, always 🙏.”

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