Brian Benni Dishes On His Family Karma Co-Star’s Relationships

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Family Karma star, Brian Benni, joined S’More Date creator Adam Cohen Aslatei (ACA) on an episode of S’More Live on Instagram to break down the relationships of his co-stars.


Brian on Amrit Kapai‘s relationship:

When asked if he thinks Amrit and Nicholas Kouchoukos will get married, Brian was optimistic.

“I hope so. I’m not sure. I guess if you watch more, you’ll find out how it works out, but they look great together!”

Brian on Anisha Ramakrishna‘s relationships:

As Bravoholics have seen on Family Karma, the lovely and hilarious Anish isn’t winning in the dating world, but Brian has high hopes for his friend.

“I think she will [find a man]. I hope she will.”

Regarding Anisha’s rocky friendship with Monica Vaswani, Brian “thinks they could” patch things up. “I think it’s almost there. Who knows?”

“You have a lot to look forward to with their relationship.”

Brian on Vishal Parvani and Richa Sandana making it to the alter:

“I hope so. It’s like one of those things where they are so great together. They just have a lot of external pressures that conflict with their personal interest.”

Watch the full interview here!

Find out more about Brian’s relationship status with ‘Monica 2.0’ learn whether Brian thinks Vishal should apologize to Dillon Patel and so much more!


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