90 Day Fiance’s Debbie Johnson Was “Turned Down At The Canadian Border”

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90 Day Fiancé‘s Debbie Johnson isn’t getting the start to the new year that she wanted.

Colt [Coltee] Johnson‘s mom received “really bad news” regarding relocating from the States to Canada to be with her boyfriend, Tony Starcevich.

“I got turned down at the Canadian border,” revealed the 90DF personality.

“I have to go back to Vegas until my Permanent Residency is filed.”

It turns out, Debbie and Tony – who she met through a mutual friend – “were given some bad information” and they would have “would have filed sooner” if they knew better.

Debbie called for the support of her followers when she asked for “Prayers please.”

Larissa Lima‘s former mother-in-law gave more context to her situation in her Instagram caption.

“We really messed up and waited a bit to long. We were told the wrong information and we should of done more checking. We were in the process of gathering all the documents and information that we needed and pow. I was told NOPE CAN’T COME IN. It’s ironic, two old people find love in there early 70’s and all they want is to be together. Spend there remaining years together. They choose Canada. But now they say Nope you can’t come in until your paperwork is filed. Laws are Laws but once in a while there is that time when you can say. “You know what, we will give you a little extra time to file those papers. How about 30 days” But laws are laws. We know we should of done more checking but to not allow me to come in. With only the clothes on my back, I had to leave the man I love. Hopefully we can get this filed quickly and get back to enjoying our life and our love. 😢😪❤️🙏”

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