Bethenny Frankel Reveals She Knew Of Erika ‘Jayne’ Girardi’s Financial Woes 4 Years Ago

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Bethenny Frankel, yet again, mentioned it all…this time about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika ‘Jayne’ Girardi.

The Real Housewives of New York alumni revealed that Erika’s estranged husband, Tom Girardi, owed her former fiancé, the late Dennis Shields, $500,000.

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The deets:

On Bethenny’s podcast, Just B, the mother/humanitarian explained that she has a “specific perspective” on the saga as Dennis and Tom both worked in the legal space.

After learning years ago that Erika was “spending a crazy amount of money,” (including $40,000 a month on glam) the former RHONY favorite asked Dennis about the Girardi’s “hard to sustain” financial status.

Word on the street:

Before Dennis passed, he detailed Tom’s financial woes to Bethenny.

“Dennis said to me, ‘He doesn’t have it like that. He owes me money. He owes me half a million dollars. I know this other guy he owes a million and a half dollars. He doesn’t have money. He owes everybody money.'”

Understandably, B needed more information.

“And I go, ‘What are you talking about? How is she flying around on [private planes]?’ And he said, ‘It’s because he’s using people’s money to support her lifestyle. He’s using the company’s money to support her lifestyle.’ Dennis said this. And I said, ‘What are you talking about?'”

“And Dennis was like, ‘Yeah, no, he owes me money and it aggravates everybody,'” Bethenny continued. “I said, ‘Why would he do that?’ He goes, ‘He can’t say no to her.'”

Well-known secrets:

According to Bethenny, Dennis described Tom’s financial issues as a “widely known best-kept secret” in the legal industry.

“When Dennis [told the lawyer] … ‘Do you know Erica Jayne spends $50,000 a month on her hair and her makeup?’ The guy was like, ‘What? He owes everybody money. He’s being sued by everybody,'” she said. “So it was a thing. So I knew about it.”

History repeats itself:

Bethenny explained that this is not uncommon behavior in the legal field.

“That’s just what happens. Things take a long time to come out — but everybody in that industry knew about it. All these major lawyers that I’m talking about around the country that are in this industry, they all knew about it.”

Do you think Bethenny could get called to testify in the Girardi’s case as a result of these revelations? Drop your prediction off in the comments!

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