Jax Taylor Wonders If Vaccinations Are Responsible For His Son’s Lack Of Development

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The Valley‘s Jax Taylor believes his son’s developmental delays could be a result of getting vaccinated.

Jax didn’t mention vaccinations on The Valley, but brought it up on social media:

The former Vanderpump Rules star took to social media to elaborate on his journey with his estranged wife, Brittany Cartwright, and their son, Cruz, that Bravo TV fans learned about recently watching The Valley.

“My son crawled early, walked early, and even spoke early. Then, we got him vaccinated, and it all stopped. I am not saying vaccines are the cause but what else could it be. how can a kid be talking fully, walking fully, then stopped two weeks after vaccinations,” asked the bar owner.


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Jax spread misinformation about Brittany’s health:

Before The Valley’s Jax spoke up about his son getting vaccinated, he revealed unsolicited medical information about his family. The formerly incarcerated season one star of House of Villains claimed ON CAMERA that Brittany “had a small stroke.” Brittany made her oldest child husband apologize for spreading misinformation.

Brittany took to the When Reality Hits podcast to help Jax explain his claim about her having a stroke was not true. In her ‘mom voice,’ the former Vanderpump Rules personality told Jax, “I would like for you to tell everybody what went down.”

After going on and on about getting eliminated from HoV, Jax explained “We didn’t know what it was, the doctors didn’t know what it was” that Brittany was experiencing.

The facts about Brittany’s health scare:

Although The Valley’s Jax didn’t claim vaccinations were responsible for his baby mama’s health issues, he did spread misinformation. “It was stroke-like symptoms,” Jax began before stating, “I just assumed it was a stroke.”

Brittany interjected to make sure Jax wasn’t misspeaking … again. “You went ahead and said something without being sure of the facts.” Jax agreed, then continued to Jax. “Yeah. We live in a day where if you say something people are gonna criticize you like crazy about it.”

Jax, yet again, failed to take responsibility for his actions. “Obviously, I didn’t mean it, but [a stroke] is what it resembled.” Brittany scolded him, “You shouldn’t have said it matter of fact.” The doctors “never really knew exactly what was wrong with me. It could have been stress-induced. It could have been a pinched nerve in my spine. I have no idea.”

What do you think about The Valley star, Jax Taylor’s statement about his son’s learning delays possibly being related to getting vaccinated?