Trishelle Canatella To Enroll In Unconscious Bias Training After Peppermint Elimination On The Traitors

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Trishelle Canatella is seeking “unconscious bias training’ after feedback she received from fans of The Traitors.

The The Real World Las Vegas alum took to social media to repost a clip from her appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

For context:

During Andy Cohen‘s late night show, Trishelle was asked if she thought Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘s Garcelle Beauvais and Dorit Kemsley would be able to mend their friendship after their “aggressive/unconscious Karen” comments to each other.

“That’s tough,” began Trishelle. “I think that Dorit has some things she could work out on her own.”

“For me personally, I’m looking into going to unconscious bias coaching and doing classes.”

After seeing “things that happened on [The Traitors],” Trishelle committed herself to work on herself. She believes the self-proclaimed fashionista could use unconscious bias training as a way to evolve.

“I think Dorit could probably benefit from something like that. If she did, Garcelle would be completely receptive to it.”

Trishelle explained, “Yes there’s training, but I’d like to get an actual coach.”

“I think that everybody could stand to work on themselves a little bit,” concluded the The Challenge contestant.

Trishelle plans for unconscious bias training:

Trishelle explained she’s going to make some behavioral changes after learning about herself while filming Peacock‘s game of deceit and muuuurrder.

“I’ve heard you. I see you. I understand the anger and frustration I caused and I promise I will come out better from this.”

“Seeing some of the comments made me realize I have some work to do that I didn’t even realize at the time but I do now. So, thank you.”

Peppermint’s banishment:

Trishelle discovering she would benefit from unconscious bias training was a result of her leading the surge to vote Peppermint out at the first elimination roundtable.

Considering Peppermint was the only RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant and the sole trans contestant, many fans agreed with Peppermint’s perception of why she was the first contestant banished.

During The Traitors US season 2 reunion, Peppermint explained, “People rely on the biases that they bring into the game, which end up targeting whoever’s the most different from the group. In those situations, people like me don’t really fare that well.”

See Trishelle explain her journey to unconscious bias coaching here:

What’s your opinion of Trishelle choosing to participate in unconscious bias training?