Top Chef Wisconsin Season 21 Episode 11 Live Discussion

top chef Milwaukee season 21 episode 11 live discussion

Top Chef Wisconsin: Live Discussion

Season 21 Episode 11 – Lay It All On The Table

What to expect:

Viewers are in for a culinary showdown like no other.

  • A familiar face makes a triumphant return to the competition, adding an extra layer of excitement and competition.
  • As the chefs face off in the kitchen, tensions run high as they strive to impress the judges with their culinary creations.
  • The real twist comes when Tom, Kristen, and Gail are treated to a surprise dish cooked up by none other than Tom himself.
  • With Kristen and Gail unable to resist the temptation, the bar is set high for the competing chefs as they prepare to lay it all on the table.
  • In a unique challenge, the chefs must serve their creations directly on a tabletop to Kristen, Tom, Gail, and guest judge Curtis Duffy.
  • The chefs must push the boundaries of culinary artistry to win over the discerning palates of the judges.
  • With its blend of high-stakes competition and gourmet delights, this episode promises to be a feast for the senses and a showcase of culinary talent at its finest.


In case you missed it:


The Top 3 Chefs from the ‘Fanciest Ever Fish Boil’ challenge were Michelle, Danny and Dan. Tom Colicchio announced Danny as the the winner. “Every single person at the table had [Danny’s] as the favorite dish.” The judges were impressed with his brining the fish before cooking it. Additionally, they loved the carrot slaw he paired with the fish.

The judges’ least-favorite dishes were from Savannah, Soo, and Manny. Since Soo didn’t quite grasp the gist of the challenge, Kristen Kish ordered he pack his knives and go.

Top Chef Wisconsin airs at 9pm on Bravo TV.

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