Tom Sandoval Disgusts VPR Fans From Thailand Tiger ‘Sanctuary’

tom sandoval gross vile tiger camp vpr vanderpump rules

Wannabe Tiger King:

Vanderpump Rules villain, Tom Sandoval, stooped to a new low … if you can believe it.

In addition to not knowing how to successfully manage romantic relationships and friendships, it appears the ‘worm with a mustache’ doesn’t understand basic rights for any living creatures.

The karaoke enthusiast shared videos from a Tiger sanctuary prison in Thailand alongside his TomTom and Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner, Tom Schwartz, and jeweler, Kyle Chan.

The despicable VPR personality managed to make himself look like an even bigger douche bag by boasting about his trip to exploit animals in captivity.

See for yourself:

Bravo TV fans react:

  • This is the most vile, disgusting, cringy behavior on display as they boldly post their distasteful decisions on social media
  • Animals are not tourist attractions 😩😩😩😩😩 and ping pong shows are typically performed by women who are being trafficked.
  • It’s 2024. There’s no excuse for this type of ignorance of the exploitation and abuse of these animals.
  • Oh Lisa [Vanderpump] is cringing right now….. they got hungry for a stupid mistake I guess
  • Wow. When you didn’t think he could get any worse, he’s taking advantage of animals who are known to be abused. What a sad excuse for a man.
  • I need Lala [Kent] to pop off about this
  • I feel like we’ve hit the point of no return with these two. Everything they do makes them less and less appealing in every way.
  • The bar is low with these clowns. What do we expect ?? In their DELUSIONAL minds they think ladies will find them so attractive. Barf 🤮 🤮. And it’s a cultural thing- some countries are ok with animals in the wild being exploited. AGAIN these CLOWNS 🤡 are from USA , they should know better

What do you think about the Toms trip to the Thailand’s tiger penitentiary? Drop your opinion below.