Summer House Finale Live Discussion- Season 8 Episode 15 ‘Point Of No Return’

summer house season 8 live discussion reunion part 2

Summer House Finale – Season 8 Episode 15

Live Discussion – Point Of No Return

What to expect:

  • the housemates throw a doomsday-themed party
  • Ciara wonders if West is capable of commitment
  • Lindsay and Carl reach a breaking point


In case you missed it:

Danielle launched her app, Donne! Known as a “better version of the Cher from Clueless closet,” Donne received a glowing endorsement from Paige. That’s a major win, in our book!

Also, Jesse got great news regarding his health scare. Nurses told Jesse “Everything is fine. You just had calcium build up.” Jesse joked, “I’ve been drinking my milk. Eating my Wheaties. Strong ass nut, let’s go!”

After yet another argument, Carl slept in the other room and noted he “will do what’s best for me” regarding his relationship with Lindsay.

Additionally, Paige made it clear she doesn’t want to raise a kid outside of the tristate area, which is not good news for he boyfriend, Craig, who resides in Charleston.

Finally, Gabby voiced her concern about West’s lack of progression in moving forward with Ciara.

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