Spritz Vs. Loverboy – The Battle of the Canned Cocktail


The Toast cohosts Jackie and Claudia Oshry responded to Kyle Cooke’s Watch What Happens Live claims.

All is fair in Love(rboy) war!

Kyle Cooke appeared on last night’s Watch What Happens Live and opened up about Craig Conover’s choice to invest in Spritz Society’s canned cocktails.


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What makes this partnership especially interesting is Craig’s connection to Summer House. As we know, Summer House‘s official beverage is Loverboy. Kyle and Amanda even hosted an Italian-themed party this season to celebrate the launch of Loverboy’s Limoncello flavor.

On April 24, Spritz Society announced that the Southern Charm star would join the Spritz family.


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Also in the family is Claudia and Jackie Oshry, hosts of the popular podcast, The Toast, and Ben Soffer, Claudia’s husband and Good Guys podcast cohost.

When news broke that Craig was the newest ambassador for Spritz, Summer House fans instantly thought of how Kyle Cooke would handle the news.

He didn’t handle it well.

Loverboy’s POV

Kyle Cooke was rather aloof when the topic was first mentioned on WWHL. However, during the After Show, he spilled the (canned) tea.

“The founder took me out to dinner days before they inked the deal and failed to mention any of that,” Kyle began.

“Really shady operation.”

From Kyle’s perception, Craig claimed he wasn’t aware of Loverboy’s robust offerings. Kyle alleged this was a reason Craig opted to invest in Spritz.

“We launched our espresso martini while we were filming Winter House, he knows we don’t just do teas.”

“If anything, the company you just invested in took a page out of our book, and launched a copy cat a year and a half later.”

Messy Andy asked Kyle if Craig Conover has a history of lying, which he replied, “that’s what I’ve been told.”

Spritz Society’s POV

Jackie and Claudia couldn’t get into the studio fast enough to refute Kyle’s claims. The podcasters dedicated the top of Friday’s episode to speak their truth.

Unlike Loverboy, Spritz has multiple investors and influencers that lend their voice and Instagram following to Spritz’s marketing efforts.

“We believe in compensating talent,” Claudia begins.

“He doesn’t take on investors and he certainly doesn’t give any equity to his cast mates or fellow influencers, fellow Bravo stars, who are doing a lot of work and selling a lot of product for them.”

A few of the aforementioned Spritz talent include Shannon Ford, and Lauren Bosstick.

The Oshry sisters went on to clarify how Craig and Spritz’s partnership came to be.

Claudia alleges that it was Kyle who initiated the dinner with Ben Soffer. The dinner was very cordial and professional and Ben walked away feeling good from it.

Another clarification brought out from Toast HQ is Craig offered to buy into Loverboy prior to investing in Spritz.

Allegedly, Kyle refused Craig’s offer to buy into Loverboy in an effort to maintain sole control of the business.

Perhaps, the most triggering part for the cohosts was the assumption that Craig’s onboarding was an attempt to save their failing business.

“LoverBoy has nothing to do with Spritz and Spritz has nothing to do with LoverBoy,” Claudia said.

To close out the roast Claudia alludes that copying didn’t come from inside the Spritz house.

“[Kyle] literally placed an order from our website and I have a receipt and I have his address and I have his email. So let’s not, you know, let’s not lie because paper trails are of the utmost importance.”

Personally, I’m more interested in Amanda Batula and Paige DeSorbo’s response!  Where do the besties go when their partners are beefing over spilled tea??

Have you tried Spritz or Loverboy? If so, which do you prefer?