Sarah Paulson Channels Meredith Marks’s “Intensity” For Broadway Role

sarah paulson ahs american horror story meredith marks inspiration rhoslc real housewives of salt lake city

Sarah Paulson is channeling a Real Housewife for her latest Broadway role.

The recurring star of the American Horror Story and American Crime Story franchises told the hosts of The View that her latest muse is RHOSLC‘s Meredith Marks.

Sarah began, “I work with a woman named Julia Crockett who helps me physically transform into people” such as Marcia Clark and Linda Tripp.

“I’ve played a lot of real people, so I need to approximate some physical communication to an audience – visual image that reminds them of the person [I’m playing].”

Relating her process to her upcoming stage-stealing role, she spilled to the audience how she’s preparing.

“I’ve been watching Chimp Empire on Netflix and I’ve been watching the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” particularly, Meredith ‘the rüh·muhs’ Marks.

Meredith “has a particular intensity that I’ve decided to abscond with and try to turn some of that energy into this person I’m playing.”

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