RPDR Sneak Peak: Jackie Cox, Heidi N Closet And More Give Drag Makeovers

rupauls drag race season 12 top 6 heidi jada gg jackie sherry crystal sneak peak

Hey kitty girls!

The remaining dragtestants from the 12th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race are going into the top 6 shook after the elimination of Widow. Underdog, Heidi N Closet expressed, “I’m going to miss her crazy ass so much. I saw that crazy look in Widow’s eyes and I could see her in her head. It was hard seeing her like that. Widow’s inner saboteur was really her doing in!”

The challenge:

With the top 6 moving closer to the finale, the girls learn this week’s challenge and prepare to wow the judges with their Courage, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent. This week, they are tasked with giving a drag makeover to an RPDR super fan.

Because Jada Essence Hall won last week’s maxi challenge, she got first dibs on choosing who she will make over AND won the opportunity to pair her competitors with the fan they will makeover.

Curious to see who Jada paired with Gigi Goode, Crystal Methyd, Heidi, Sherry Pie, and Jackie Cox?

Watch the sneak peak here!

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