Resurfaced Video Of David Foster Calling Wife Katharine McPhee “Fat” Causes Outrage

david foster fat katharine mcphee

A cringe AF video of musician David Foster calling his wife – who is 34 years his junior – “fat” during a concert resurfaced. Fans of American Idol‘s Katharine McPhee are speaking out against her dad husband’s unkind (and untrue) remark.

The footage:

The video shows the couple on stage performing in an intimate theater. David sat at the piano while Katharine, who donned a little black dress and wore her hair in a chignon, talked to the audience. “You may not know we met 17, almost 18 years ago when I was a little chubby and cheerful contestant on American Idol. The singer pointed to the jumbo screen behind her which featured picture from Idol’s 5th season in 2006. Katharine competed while her now-husband served as a mentor for the singers.

David, now 74, interjected to insult his wife. “Oh, yeah — you were fat.” Katharine attempted to make light of the moment. “I was a little chubby, OK? I was just young.”

TikTok talks:

The controversial ex-husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum, Yolanda Foster, is getting absolutely dragged for trash online for his comment … and we’re living for the shade. 

  • This is a really tough watch
  • The fact that she called herself fat and so did he when she used to have an eating disorder..
  • what an ass
  • David was married to the og almond mom and it shows
  • And to think she had an ED [eating disorder] back then.
  • i wish i was ‘fat’ like Katharine mcfee 😩
  • The chubby/fat comments are ridiculous. Ugh. Lost some respect for them
  • Fat??? Wow. And we wonder why society is so screwed up.
@maniaph At the #DavidFosterAndFriends concert at The Theatre at Solaire, #DavidFoster and #KatharineMcPhee share how they met. #EntertainmentPH ♬ original sound – Mania PH

Never forget: 

David divorced Yolanda when she was suffering from Lyme Disease. He denied the claims in his 2020 Netflix documentary, David Foster: Off the Record (which is definitely worth a watch!)

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