Will Lindsay Lohan Appear On Real Housewives Of Dubai?

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The tabloid was told “the cast — although, not announced yet — has been selected, and LL ain’t on it. Yeah, we know … she’s not actually a housewife, but many of the other ‘Housewives’ lineups are filled with unmarried women.”

We can’t ignore Dubai’s world-famous nightlife destinations, which made us Lindsay-lovers lose our minds at the possibility of a Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club x Real Housewives mashup.  

Sadly, these were misinformed Rumors. “Take this for just what it is.


News broke on Monday that the network’s newest show will premiere in 2022.

Unlike the majority of the new content from NBC Universal Television and Streaming, the first international location will air on Bravo– not Peacock… which Bravo is trying to make happen like Gretchen Weiners tried to make the word fetch happen.

Do you think Lindsay has what it takes to be an A-list Bravolebrity, in addition to an A-list actress? Sound off in the comments.