Rachel Leviss Slams Tom Sandoval And Nema Vand Over ‘Open Relationship’ Rumor

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Rachel Leviss dragged Nema Vand for saying Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix were in an “open relationship” … and Tom wasn’t off the hook either.

The former beauty pageant contestant clarified the fake news regarding what Nema said on Scheana Shay‘s Scheananigans podcast.

Rachel clarifies what she told Nema about Tom and Ariana:

“I did not tell Nema that Tom told me that he was in an open relationship.”

“What I told Nema when I was explaining to him my experience at Coachella, staying with Tom and Arianna, and a few of her friends in that Airbnb … Nothing happened that weekend,” explained the former Vanderpump Rules star.

“But also, like, Tom and Arianna were extra lovey towards me,” Rachel spilled to Nema.

“So, what I said was ‘Tom and Arianna give off an open relationship vibe.'”

Nema “was, like, oh that’s interesting. Do you think they’re in an open relationship?”

“I was, like, ‘No, I don’t think that they are but it’s a weird energy.'”

The former Shahs of Sunset personality asked, “Do you think Tom is interested in you like that?”

“I was, like, yeah. It felt like he was.'”

Nema asked Rachel, “would you act on it and I said, ‘No, I would be more likely to hook up with Ariana then I would Tom.”

“That’s what I said” to Nema, clarified Rachel.

Rachel takes on Tom after slamming Nema:

“The thing that actually bothered me the most was Tom talking about the podcast that Scheana had Nema on.”

“When I saw that clip, I immediately was like, ‘why did he need to bring this up?'”

“If Tom knew how much that affected my mental well-being, why would you bring it up on national television for everybody to know about,” asked Rachel regarding the Nema situation.

“It’s been months and months since that episode came out on Scheena’s podcast, so people have forgotten it. But now that you’re bringing it up on camera addressing these rumors that impacted me so horribly, I just feel, like, it was, like, ‘what the hell?!'”

“Like, that’s messed up for you to do. I really I don’t know what his thought process was.”

Sandoval’s “point was that Sheena has been vindictive and bringing our name, dragging it through the mud and it’s affected him, but the example he gave was something that she said about me.”

“So, I felt like that was very unnecessary.”

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What’s your opinion of Tom and Nema after hearing Rachel’s side? Sound off below.

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