Love is Blind Star Jessica Vestal Talks Kenneth’s 180

Love is Blind Star Jessica Vestal Talks Kenneth’s 180

Love is Blind fan favorite, Jessica Vestal, gave fans a taste of life beyond the pods.

Spoilers are contained below. Read with caution!

For context, Jimmy Presnell was Jessica’s frontrunner in the pods. She may have chosen him, but Jimmy ultimately chose Megan Fox, I mean, Chelsea Blackwell to continue the experiment with.

This of course led to the clapback of the season so far.

“When you see and realize what you missed out on, you are going to choke.”


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Even with Jess’s iconic mic drop, viewers were left even more shook by the “sudden” demise of what we all thought to be a solid couple – Brittany and Kenneth.

Jessica Vestal on the Brittany and Kenneth Split

“We all hated seeing how their breakup was shown,” Vestal said.

Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham connected in the pods over shared faith and similar worldviews.

But sadly, for them, it appears love really wasn’t all that blind!

While appearing on The Viall Files podcast, Jessica shared her perspective as to what led to the couple’s breakup.

Spoiler alert, his phone was not the other women.

“They had discussions off camera about how they were moving toward more of a friendship, than life partners,” Vestal said.


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Love is Blind viewers witnessed a distraught Brittany bearing her soul to a deadpan Kenneth. Fans were desperate to connect the pieces of what could possibly have led to Kenny’s 180.

“They had already come to that decision before it was filmed. So, he was just kind of ‘over it.’”

If Kenneth was one of your favorites prior to his seeming lack of empathy toward Brittany, rest assured he’s still the same Kenneth despite the kitchen break up.

“Kenneth is one of the most pure, amazing human beings, all of us where lucky to know him.”

She also went on to say,

“Some of us, when we were dating him were like, ‘I would be afraid to marry him because he’s so good of a human and I would want to do anything that would disappoint him. Like he’s such a good man.”

Jessica also maintains that AD’s conversation with Kenneth did not contribute to his decision to part ways with Brittany.

“I think it had more to do with the physical attraction not being there.”

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Watch the entire podcast episode, below.