Jess Vestal Responds To Jimmy Presnell Calling Her A “Mean Girl”

jess jimmy mean girl

Jess responds to Jimmy calling her a mean girl!

Jessica Vestal continued to read Jimmy Presnell for trash on social media after her instantly iconic “EpiPen” comment on the sixth season of Love Is Blind.

Did Jimmy really think he’d name-call Jess and remain unscathed?! 

Jimmy blames the edit:

*the oldest deflection in the book*

“Our last date was terrible and they didn’t show any of it,” claimed Jimmy of his date with Jess – before calling her a mean girl.

“They only showed [Jess] getting to lay into me in a light that wasn’t really fair for me.”

“I had a 3 1/2 hour date with Chelsea and a 3 1/2 hour date with Jess.”

Jess “walked out on me 10 minutes in and was mad that I wasn’t prepared to say I love you to her. And I didn’t have a decision” upset her.

“She was putting words in my mouth that I already had my decision made” and “it wasn’t true,” continued the LiB6 personality.

“Up even to that day, [Jess] was my number one.”

Jimmy calls Jess a mean girl:

“She was not nice,” whined the software salesman of Autumn’s mom.

Jimmy really thought he put Jess in her place with this one … 

“I’ll never go for the mean girl.”

Jess responds to Jimmy’s mean girl comment:

“This is easier for him to say than the whatever the real reason was that he didn’t want to be with me. Notice in all the interviews I’ve done, I speak highly of him and our experience.”

“In his interviews, he takes every opportunity to speak poorly of me and flat out lie.”

“It truly speaks volumes and is so disheartening.”

See for yourself:


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