Love During Lockup: The Mourning After Season 5 Episode 28 Live Discussion

love during lockup wetv live discussion

Love During Lockup

Season 5 Episode 28: The Mourning After

Live Discussion Thread!

Preview of S5E28:

  • Candice’s regrets could sideline everything, but Andrew will be the one with regrets once he realized he emptied his 401K for someone who is not into him. Ayonna’s visit with Jamahl ends in tears. Will she ever accept accountability for her own poor choices?
  • Is recovering addict Joey playing with fire by dating drug user and serial convict Michael? His family seems to think so (and we tend to agree.)
  • When he is not making money playing poker in prison, Rob keeps a close eye on wife Tennie and her kids through an extensive surveillance system. Will Tennie finally cut the cord?
  • Did the high school reunion open Rick’s eyes to new romantic possibilities, or will he succumb to Samantha’s guilt trip and finally go and visit her in Idaho?
  • And finally, Shonta and True. Although they have never even met in person, Shonta has been gullible enough to move to his state and take out mortgages to fund her new romance. Will she wise up? Doubtful, but tune in to see if common sense or concerned families can help these love struck fools wake up.”

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