Kyle Richards Seemingly Confirms Theory About Her Lifestyle Change And Marriage To Mauricio Umansky

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Kyle Richards took to her Instagram stories to give insight into the personal struggles she’s endured.

The OG of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shared posts from @YourBishTherapist that hit home for regarding her lifestyle change and relationship status with husband, Mauricio Umansky.

Kyle requested her followers “Please click on this & swipe through these posts. … Everyone knew I was dealing with this. For whatever reason it wasn’t shown on camera YET. This will be addressed very soon.”

@YourBishTherapist‘s theorized, “This is my intuition about what was/is happening with Kyle. I believe she experienced depression and anxiety following the suicide of her best friend, Lorene. This loss was significant, due to the closeness of the relationship and the nature of her death. Losing someone as a result of a mental health crisis will rock your workd, and in some cases, your sense of self. I believe Kyle is experiencing survivors guilt and carrying shame/blame that isn’t hers to carry.

Kyle reposted another story and told her followers, “However I do feel Moe tried to be there for me. Although, I’m not sure anyone knew exactly how to be.”

The post Kyle referenced stated, “After this loss, I believe she expected emotional support from Mau that he was incapable/unwilling to provide. I think this left Kyle feeling disappointed, resentful, and betrayed, due to years of commitment and dedication to the marriage.”

“I believe Kyle felt so many intensely painful and scary emotions that she realized she needed to do something with it, and she desperately want ed to avoid unhealthy coping mechanisms due to her family history of addiction.”

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