Kyle Richards Talks About Whether She’ll Return To RHOBH & Her Take On Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Departure

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Kyle Richards commented on whether she plans to return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her thoughts on Crystal Kung Minkoff‘s departure from the show.

Kyle on Crystal not returning to RHOBH:

“It made me sad” to hear Crystal isn’t coming back for season 14. “I have mixed feelings … not because of [Crystal]. It’s probably disappointing, but, also, life is great without reality television. It’s not like, ‘Poor Crystal.’ She has a great family. There’s a lot to say for not doing” reality tv, commented Kyle. “She’s going to be great.”

Another follower messaged Kyle and asserted, “It looks like you’re rejoining RHOBH.” The OG of Beverly Hills responded, “I haven’t said anything yet. I know there [are] reports online that I’m not coming back.” Others saying, “I am coming back.”

“That conversation is TBD.”

Bravo TV fans react to Crystal not returning and Kyle’s future on RHOBH being in limbo:

  • This is very disappointing. It was Crystal’s best season yet.
  • Too bad it wasn’t Kyle not returning instead of Crystal
  • The show needs a revamp
  • She wasn’t sad. Kyle didn’t even like Crystal
  • Thank God for small mercies 😂 she sure showed her true colors at the reunion. A Bitter woman. 😂
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In case you missed it:

Just days before Kyle commented on whether or not she will return to RHOBH, Crystal announced her departure. The three-season Bravolebrity took to her Instagram story to share her news. “I will not be coming back to film Season 14 of Real Housewives of Beverly HillsIt’s very bittersweet. Never did I think I would’ve been asked to do this show in a million years … let alone film it for three seasons.”

“Every single year I was asked back, it was a blessing. It was an honor being the first Asian American on Beverly Hills was a lot of weight on my shoulders that I have since just have really understood the magnitude of what that means for people.”

Sounding crestfallen, Crystal continued, “I just wanted to thank you guys for being such an incredible support for me. And I hope that I have been for you. Sharing my story with my ED. Sharing stories about my father and his Alzheimer’s [Disease]. I’ve heard so many incredible stories from you guys.”

What’s next for Crystal:

The coconut water mogul clarified, “This is not goodbye; this is see you soon. I have some other things going on that I will be sharing with you. I’ll still be able to connect with you because that has been my biggest gift of filming this show is connecting with so many of you with your beautiful stories. So, more to come.”

“But, I’m so grateful for everyone’s love and support. You guys are an incredible audience with your own unique stories to tell. I hope one day you all have your opportunity. Rob [Minkoff], Max, Zoe, my brother Jeff, my mom, we’re all so grateful. This has been such a fun chapter. So thank you guys so much again.”

Do you think Kyle will return to RHOBH? Do you believe that Kyle was upset when Crystal announced she wasn’t returning?