Kaitlyn Bristowe Slams Bachelor Nation Over Rumor She’s Hooking Up With Tayshia Adams’ Ex, Zack Clark

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New year, new drama!

Kaitlyn Bristowe didn’t hold back her disgust with Bachelor Nation.

The season 11 star of The Bachelorette took to her social media page to respond to the rumor she was romantically involved with Zack Clark, Tayshia Adams‘s ex-fiancé.

Kaitlyn responds:

The Bachelor contestant began her lengthy rant stating, “You would think by now I’d be used to the hate. I’m not.”

“Your words hurt. Your shaming hurts. Part of me feels a little sad and honestly embarrassed for your guys because this shouldn’t be how you spend day 1 of a new year. You should not be this invested in someone you don’t even know or respect.”

Throwing shade:

“It’s actually scary, and I know looking inward might be even scarier for you. But. The bullying is next level. You are allowed to have opinions and feelings. But you don’t even know the truth, and your HATE should actually come with consequences.”

“I truly worry about some of your mental health. It’s not ok. It’s. Not. Please.”

“Please feel ashamed of yourselves for treating someone this way who you don’t know.”

“I did not kill someone. I had a party with some of my favorite people. Shame. On. YOU. Not me.”

Name calling:

Michelle Obama goes high when others go low, but that’s not Kaitlyn’s philosophy.

“I am not one dimensional. What you see on people’s social media does not mean you know them. And this part may sting… but I would never, ever, want to switch places with you.”

“Your life seems so sad,” continued Kaitlyn before adding, “So I will not take the opinions of someone I would not trade places with.”

“Y’all wanna feel big loud and important but you are small minded and sad.”

“I wish I could just share my truth and tell you my side. It’s hard to bite my dang tongue sometimes. But you just go on and continue to have your own little made up story in your head and believe what you want to believe. Social meida la la land. Good lawwwddd.”


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