Julia Fox Enters The ‘Does Chelsea Blackwell Look Like Megan Fox?!’ Chat

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Julia Fox has entered the Love is Blind Does Chelsea Blackwell look like Megan Fox?!‘ chat.

The influencer shared that she sees the resemblance between the LiB season 6 personality and the movie star.

Julia took to social media to write, “Don’t worry sis” to Chelsea about her comparison to Megan Fox. “I see it.”

Fans react:

  • We don’t deserve Julia Fox 🥺 that was so nice to say chelsea looks like megan fox
  • You have Megan fox features on a Natalie nunn face shape, you definitely deserved better than him though ❤️
  • You definitely resemble Megan Fox. You never said you were her twin. There are similarities for sure.
  • You do especially in eyes

In case you missed it:

The LiB6 star received backlash after comparing herself to the Jennifer’s Body actress.

Keep in mind, Chelsea said that people have told her they see resemblance between her and Megan, but she only thinks it’s because she has dark hair and light eyes.

She even told her fiancé (?), “I don’t see it, so don’t get excited.”

Clap backs over Chelsea’s comparison to Megan Fox:

Although Chelsea didn’t say she looks exactly like Megan Fox, she was dragged by audiences … besides Julia Fox – a girl’s girl.

TikTokers dropped comments like, “Maybe Megan Fox’s Mom 😂” and GIRL PLEASE. You acted like you didn’t even know Megan fox’s name.”

Another agreed there was resemblance … in the shadiest way possible, “Megan fox at the end of their blood line😂.” 

During an Access Hollywood interview, Chelsea insisted, “I do feel bad. Everyone’s like ‘You catfished him!’ Man, I didn’t mean to. I do regret having that conversation with him. Why’d we have to do that?”

See Julia assure Chelsea she resembles Megan Fox:

@enews @Chelseablackwell, we see it and so does #JuliaFox. ❤️ #Loveisblind ♬ original sound – E! News

Do you agree with Julia in that Chelsea resembles Megan Fox? Sound off below.

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