Jeramey Lutinski Claims Production Didn’t Consider Trevor Sova’s Mental Health At The Love Is Blind Reunion

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Jeramey Lutinski exposed Love Is Blind production for their dismissal of Trevor Sova‘s mental health needs during the reunion. 

The controversial Netflix personality took to his Instagram story to call out the network out for ignoring Trevor’s emotional needs in order to ensure a more dramatic end to the season.

Mental health matters:

The closed captions on Jeramey’s paused screen read, “For people who come here with ulterior motives, we’ve got to call you out for it.”

Below his screenshot, he quoted the LiB host, “We know we asked you to leave, you can leave now.”

Jeramey continued, “Correct, when [Trevor] came on stage, he was clearly shook.”

“Also, before the texts were shown, he said he was not mentally able to handle it at the moment.”

That’s when Jeramey feels production let Trevor down.

“Instead of letting him go then, he had to sit through it. Except that whole part is missing” from the final cut.

Jeramey concluded, “Mental health is a real thing people.”

In case you missed it:

During the LiB6 reunion, Trevor was asked about his relationship in the real world when he entered the experiment.

“I was not ‘dating’ her, like ‘dating’ her, technically.” After a pregnant pause, he continued, “I never said, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’”

Trevor realized he was between a rock and a hard place when Brittany Mills chimed in to add her feelings of Trevor’s dishonesty in entering the pods. She called him out for being “disrespectful” as the rest of the cast who “put ten toes down in this experiment.”

Eventually, Trevor confessed, “I did come here for good and bad reasons.”

This marked the end of Trevor’s fifteen minutes and the beginning of Chelsea’s redemption era.

See Jeramey stand up for Trevor’s mental health here:

Do you agree with Jeramy and think production disregarded Trevor’s mental health at the season 6 reunion?