Jeramey Lutinski From Love Is Blind Accused Of Pulling Gun On Ex-Girlfriend During Argument

jeramey lutinski ex abuse

Jeramey Lutinski from Love is Blind allegedly pulled a gun at his ex-girlfriend during a fight. 

Love Is Blind Dangerous with season six’s Jeramey according to TikTok user @GingerSnapss_.

The podster (who got engaged to Laura Dadisman but ended up with Sarah Ann Bick since the show wrapped) has been accused of violence with a deadly weapon in a former relationship.

In a four-part (and still going) series, the creator, Kaatrina Parua, detailed violence from a decade ago at the hand of her ex, Jeramey.

Kaatrina prefaced the videos with the disclaimer this was her experience with Jeramey and this is not necessarily a reflection to who he is today.

Everything you are about to read is alleged!

Red flags:

Far before the gun incident, Jeramey’s ex took to TikTok to allege problematic behaviors from early in their courtship.

During a night out, Kaatrina waited at a busy bar for a round of drinks and small talked to the male patron next to her while waiting. Jeramey had a strong reaction and left his girlfriend at the bar.

Kaatrina continued, “All hell breaks loose” when she got home.

“The fight escalates to where he puts his fist through the wall.”

“I have never seen someone snap and just flip like that to a totally different person.”

Jeramey’s “rage” left her “terrified.”

Still trying to make their relationship work, the couple decided to relocate to North Carolina for a fresh start.

Fast forward the altercation involving Jeramey threatening with a gun:

Kaatrina returned to home to Jeramey who was “ignoring” her when she arrived home from a work event (that he crashed earlier in the night.)

A few hours go by and Kaatrina asks to talk the issue out with Jeramey. Before long, the conversation escalated to rage.

“He flings the door open. The next thing, there is a gun pointed at my face.”

“I literally thought my life was over.”

“He lowered the gun and I was able to run out of the house.”

Thankfully, Kaatrina had her phone in her hand. She was able to contact 911 as she ran from Jeramey.

She waited in the bushes down the street from their condo until the police arrived.

After searching their home, authorities asked if Jeramey had any “tactical or military training experience” and if he’s a “drug dealer.”

Apparently, “the way that they found the guns positioned around the house were indicative of someone with that kind of background or training.”

Jeramey showed up at his shared residence with Kaatrina while authorities were still there.  They approached him in his car and immediately drew their weapons at him.

*This post will be updated as Kaatrina finishes her series.*

Love Is Blind fans react to the gun allegation against Jeramey:

  • when Laura was talking about how clean his house was and she said “serial killer vibes”….. on POINT
  • And the irony of him being the one that said he was interested in the show because everyone had been background checked!
  • I KNEW the smirk he made towards Laura at the lake, was morbid. So glad you’re okay babe!!
  • I believe this 100% based on how he acted with Laura. Based on his demeanor and how his switch flipped with her.
  • There’s could be a Netflix doc on the sorted characters from love is blind

Listen to Kaatrina detail Jeramey pointing a gun at her here:

@gingersnapss_ Part 3 of my story of my ex on season 6 of LIB ☕️ #loveisblind #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblindseason6 #loveisblindtok ♬ original sound – GingerSnapss_

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