Love Is Blind’s Diamond Jack Dishes On Her Dating Life

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Love Is Blind star, Diamond Jack, dished on her dating life. via video chat with Page Six. From ‘pod’ dating to her current dating life, Diamond spilled her tea.

Is Diamond currently dating?

“No, I’m not. It’s actually kinda hard to date someone due to the fact that the whole world is completely shut down, and you’re supposed to be quarantining. I mean, I know I have been. I hope you guys have been.

Does self-isolation dating life remind Diamond of ‘pod’ dating?

“You know we couldn’t physically go on dates. That’s kind of this now. Like I can’t physically go on dates with people. I been usin’ my phone, email, and texts to just communicate.”

Diamond on life after LIB:

“Life has been amazing. I had a career change and I am working on my Doctorates degree. Due to the fact that everything has been postponed and delayed, keepin’ my fingers crossed that they even have a term coming this new year. So I hope and pray that, you know, we can move forward and continue my journey through getting my Doctorate degree.

I’m also really excited to announce that I am starting my own line and it’s a women’s empowerment line. I hope and pray I get the same level of support that I’m getting right now when I do launch, okay.”

In case you’d like to hear if Diamond plans to remain in ‘the industry,’ here ya go!


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