Jennifer Lawrence Fangirls Over RHOSLC Finale On Golden Globes Red Carpet

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Jennifer Lawrence proved, yet again, she is one of us. 

The No Hard Feelings actress took the opportunity on the red carpet of the 81st Golden Globe Awards to fangirl over Bravo TV (and we love her for it.)

Like most of us, JLaw was gooped and gagged for the season 4 finale of the Salt Lake City Real Housewives franchise. 

“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City … I just want to give a shout-out to the best finale I have ever seen on reality tv.” 

The Academy Award winning actress exclaimed, “Oh my god” and did a chef’s kiss gesture with her fingers. “Muah!”

The ET host – who was as excited to chat about the RHOSLC season 4 finale as Jennifer was – continued, “The drama! Receipts. Timelines. Screenshots.” 

Jennifer admitted she behind the times regarding the RHOSLC4 finale extravaganza. “I was a couple of days late and I have the group chats. So, I was like, ‘Water Cooler … I need to see this now.'”

“I was stone-cold sober because I was starving for this event and I was jaw-dropped,” elaborated the A-list actress. 

Bravo roundup:

To be clear, Jennifer’s favorite FINALE was SLC, but her favorite franchise is the Real Housewives of BH. “I’m always partial to Beverly Hills.”

“I’m relieved by the New York crew … I was nervous. I think they are going to round out nicely. Everybody seems to have the right personality disorder that we like to see.”

“I really liked Dallas, but nobody else did.”

Jennifer concluded, “I’m just holding my breath for Vanderpump Rules to come out. That’s all I have to live for right now.

See for yourself:

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