Fast Facts About The Men of The Challenge 35: Total Madness

Season 35 of The Challenge airs April 1st and we have a quick guide to everything you need to know about the guys competing in Total Madness.

Let’s start with the veterans.

Cory Wharton


What you need to know:

We last saw Cory on Final Reckoning of the Challenge season 32. Although chances are you’ve seen him on Teen Mom OG or Ex on the Beach. Cory knows how to stay busy and the MTV playboy is sure to make waves this season. Will there be any sparks when Anessa or Kailah arrive? Has he settled down now since he’s expecting baby #2?


Chris “CT” Tamburello


What you need to know:

CT is coming off his big win from War of the Worlds 2 where he took home $250,000. We first saw CT on Real World Paris and have watched him evolve over the years to now competing as a dad and a husband.  CT played it low key last season so we are interested to see if he has any rookie rivals this season.

Johnny Bananas


What you need to know:

Johnny Bananas is back after getting eliminated very early on in the past 2 seasons. Bananas is always sure to bring the drama and the rivals. This season rookie Jay will be in the house who previously dated Bananas’ current girlfriend, Morgan Willet. Will we see this storyline come in to play or is Bananas beyond that after 20 season on The Challenge?

Jordan Wisely


What you need to know:

Jordan made big moves last season on War of the Worlds 2 and asked big questions. After proposing to girlfriend, Tori Deal, he went on to win season 34 and $250,000. Jordan enters any competition with a level of confidence most people can’t handle.

Josh Martinez


What you need to know:

Big Brother Champ, Josh, is known for his emotions on The Challenge. His Rookie season was War of the Worlds 1 and we most recently witnessed the demise of his friendship with Paulie Calafiore in War of the Worlds 2. After a rollercoaster of a season, we really started to root for Josh and his loyalty.

Kyle Christie


What you need to know:

Kyle’s rookie season on Vendettas really helped him make his mark on the show. Falling for longtime veteran, Cara Maria, gave him plenty of alliances and rivals. Kyle previously had a romantic fling with a current cast member, Mattie on War of the Worlds 1. With Cara Maria and Paulie sitting this season out maybe Kyle will be able to make a new path and alliances.

Nelson Thomas


What you need to know:

Nelson started out on Are You The One season 3 and we haven’t seen him on a challenge since Final Reckoning season 32. This long time veteran has a great friendship with Cory Wharton and they try to pair up at any chance in their “Young Buck” alliance. Will they have a strong alliance or will it be them against everyone else?

Rogan O’Connor


What you need to know:

We first met Rogan on Vendettas when he was the first guy eliminated in episode 1. He could barely make it up the hill from previous back issues but redeemed himself last season on War of the Worlds 2 when he was 1 of 4 final winners. Rogan is known for dating and then screwing over Dee last season when he tried to have her eliminated. Will their relationship continue or is she done?

Stephen Bear


What you need to know:

Bear is full of antics and is sure to keep all of us laughing this season. His rookie season was War of the Worlds 1 where he found himself head over heels for Georgia. He famously lied to her about his “cousin.” The last time we saw Bear on War of the Worlds 2 he was stirring the pot and took out Wes early on. Will he have to pay this season?

Wes Bergmann


What you need to know:

It’s no secret Wes’ claim to The Challenge is hating Bananas. We saw him briefly last season on War of the Worlds 2 when he was surprisingly thrown into an elimination and taken out by Bear. Who will Wes try to turn everyone against first, Bear or Bananas?


Now for the rookies.

Asaf Goren


What you need to know:

Newcomer Asaf may be a rookie to the Challenge, but not to reality TV he is sure to have plenty of fans from his past shows Big Brother Israel and So You Think You Can Dance.

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams


What you need to know:

Rookie Swaggy C is coming over from Big Brother 20 and he’s not coming alone. Swaggy C will be joined by girlfriend Bayleigh Dayton. Will this season make or break their relationship? For long time Challenge viewers, we know The Challenge house can bring out the worst in some.

Fessy Shafaat


What you need to know:

Fessy seems to be an all-around talented rookie. Coming in from Big Brother 20 he already has a few friends on his side, think Swaggy C and Bayleigh. Fessy also appeared on America Ninja Warrior, with this combination I would say he’s a must-watch. With a good political game and the ability to win challenges, these vets better watch out!

Jay Starrett


What you need to know:

Jay is entering his rookie season with a connection to Johnny Bananas already. Could this help or hurt him? Jay was previously on Survivor 33 and Ex on the Beach 2 where he left with his Ex Morgan Willet. Fast Forward to War of the Worlds 1 where Morgan meets Bananas and they are still dating. How awkward can this get?

Tell us who you are most excited to see this season in the comments!