Drake Calls Out Love Island USA’s Bennett Sipes

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Drake may have Started From The Bottom, but it is not in God’s Plan to allow a Love Island contestant to unjustly sue him.

In case you missed it:

Love Island USA season 2’s Bennett Sipes was caught on surveillance cameras getting beat up over two years ago.

According to reports from TMZ, Bennett “sued Drake, OBJ and Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex, Younes Bendjima, back in January 2019 claiming Younes attacked him along with members of Drake and OBJ’s entourage. Sipes’ ex [Sommer Ray Beaty] said in her declaration both Drake and OBJ were standing at the back of the group and “appeared to simply be observing what was happening and following the group out of curiosity. Neither of them seemed to be instructing others or encouraging others to do anything at all.”

The ‘Islander‘ “claimed he suffered a concussion, back injury, physical injury and depression after a March 2018 fight at Delilah Nightclub with Drake, Odell Beckham and others. Sipes filed a lawsuit over the fight.”

Delilah was named in Bennett’s suit, According to complex.com, for “their lack of a security presence outside their venue.”

Bennett is seeking $250,000 to cover “past and future pain and suffering, medical bills, lost future earnings, past and future emotional distress and punitive damages.”

Watch the brawl for yourself:


Drake called out Bennett for Doing It Wrong:

Are you tired of my Drake puns yet?! I’ll Laugh Now Cry Later

Anyway, the rapper’s attorneys filed documents revealing Bennett recently appeared on the hit CBS reality dating show, as well as attended music festivals, even performed backflips off rope swings while vacationing in Mexico since the 2018 fight looking “anything but depressed.”

Drake’s team is asking a judge to throw out Bennett’s lawsuit.

Sommer Ray’s statement:

Regarding the physical altercation, Bennett alleged the rapper made a ‘throat slash’ gesture moving his hand across his throat, triggering the entourage to badly beat Bennett. In a statement made by Sommer Ray, on the other hand, claimed she did not see the alleged ‘throat slash’ gesture nor Drake encourage any kind of violence at all.

Sommer Ray didn’t stop there…

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