Brock Davies Dirty Deleted A Comment Calling Rachel Leviss’s Manager A ‘C U Next Tuesday’

brock dirty delete C U Next Tuesday

Vanderpump Rules‘s Brock Davies was called out for dirty deleting a comment he made calling Rachel Leviss‘s manager, Juliette, a C U Next Tuesday.

**For context, Rachel’s manager – who Brock refers to as PR – doubts Ariana Madix learned about Scandoval by finding his phone and having intuition to search for anything nefarious. Brock reacted strongly to the Ariana slander.**

The message Brock dirty deleted:

Scheana Shay‘s husband wrote, “Damn. I would’ve thought by now Raquel would’ve gotten that better PR. But, apparently her PR just wants to leverage her working relationship for what?… Clout?”

“Don’t ever come for Ariana in the situation you callous C##t.”

Shout out to Instagram's @BreakingTheRulesPod for the screenshot of Brock's dirty delete!

In case you missed it:

Rachel’s manager, Juliette, was a guest on the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast. She disclosed her opinion of why Scandoval became such a phenomenon. “My theory is not going to be a popular one. But, I stand by it. I will go to my grave believing it.” Keep in mind, Brock was so upset by this theory he felt a need to call Juliette a ‘C##t’ before dirty deleting it.

“The Bravo sleuths are super sleuths. But, women as a whole, are pretty good at sleuthing.” She provided a hypothetical example. “If I think my husband is cheating, I can walk right over to his side of the bed when he is asleep and check his phone. Clearly, she has his password, right?!?! When you drop your phone, it doesn’t unlock. So, she had to unlock it. She unlocked it – if the story is true – to check it at that moment.”

More evidence from Juliette that Ariana knew of the affair longer than she’s letting on:

Before getting called a C##t and it getting dirty deleted, Juliette reminded the listeners that on Scheana Shay’s Scheanigans podcast of a key point. Ariana had noticed “sus behavior” between Tom Sandoval and Rachel. Additionally, Rachel’s lawsuit against Ariana and Tom states Ariana knew about the affair before she saw the explicit video of the former beauty pageant contestant.

“So, I don’t believe that’s how” [Ariana learned of Tom and Rachel’s tryst]. Ariana could have seen the video “the day before and told production and off they went. But, if you think your partner is cheating” and “you have access to their phone 24 hours a day, wait til they’re asleep. Wait til they go to the bathroom, but look at the phone! She had the password, so I don’t buy that ‘it fell out of [Tom’s] pocket and I looked at it.'”

“I think that was setup for the whole thing,” which snowballed into Scandoval, concluded Juliette.

What do you think about Brock calling Juliette a C U Next Tuesday then dirty deleting it?

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