Brayden Bowers And Christina Mandrell Get Engaged At Golden Bachelor Wedding

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Congrats to Bachelor Nation‘s Brayden Bowers and Christina Mandrell who got engaged on Live TV.

Brayden popped the question to the single mom from Zach Shallcross‘s season of The Bachelor at the Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner‘s wedding to Theresa Nist.

According to Jesse Palmer, Brayden asked Gerry and Theresa for permission to pop the question at their wedding.

“Brayden actually called Gerry and Theresa and made sure he got their blessing before he proposed.”

Fan reactions:

  • Booo – classless to propose at someone’s wedding. This day isn’t about you. Boooooo
  • I don’t care if they got permission to do to. It was tacky and tasteless to even ask if you COULD do it. Considering they prob won’t make it down the aisle, hope it was worth it.
  • Tacky to do this at someone else’s wedding…..
  • Just tacky….. at their wedding. Bad call ABC
  • I usually try to post mainly kind things online but this was trashy. This is someone else’s wedding. Not cool! I blame ABC.
  • People talk like it was their idea, I would bet money production convinced them it was a good idea for views, I hope they got the ring for free anyways!
  • This was not their moment. Never do this at someone else’s wedding 😒
  • Guys he got Theresa and Gerry’s permission. How about some positivity for once! Lol 😂❤️
  • Proposing at someone else’s wedding is ridiculous.
  • ultimate faaaaame seeeekersssss. ugh just when i started to like brayden. i hate myself for even commenting on this post and contributing to the clout

Here is one of the fiancées’ first photos:


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