90 Day Fiancé’s Statler Riley Slammed “Gypsy” Dempsey Wilkinson For Cheating And Getting “Scammed”

90 day fiance statler dempsey georgia

90 Day Fiancé‘s Statler Riley dragged her ex, Dempsey Wilkinson, for having a fuck buddy when they were together. Additionally, Statler called Dempsey out for living rent-free in a van she is making payments on.

The cheating:

Apparently, production took part in Statler’s revelation.”After lying to me, it was found out by the producer that Dempsey and Georgia were fuck buddies 🫢! She stayed at her place two months before, but told me not to worry, even though my intuition told me too. She was sketchy AF about it, too. So, I found out DURING filming, but because I wanted to protect her reputation, 🤡 I took the fall. Before the 90 Days was me looking stupid, so she wouldn’t have to. I ruined my reputation for her. So much effing tea. I’ll have to delete this, but I’m done defending your ’90 Day angel.'”

The living situation:

Paired with the song Loneliest Bitch in America, Stater wrote, “How it feels knowing your ex is living rent free in the van you are paying $700 a month for a rent for her to do so. Unable to rent your own place without going into further debt. Well, she lives debt-free because you unknowingly helped her pay off her debts because she manipulated you into taking on more. I can afford her $700 month van rent AND my own apartment rent? Find out next time on ‘You’ve Been Scammed By A British Gypsy & Everyone saw it but you!'”

Finally, “Statler posted a pic of Dempsey taking a photo of the van Statler currently makes payments on. “The scam artist with her prize 🥰.”

TLC fans react:

  • Statler is savage I love her !
  • It’s kind of like if the signs were there why did you continue to get into debt?
  • I knew I had a weird feeling about her!!! But everyone kept saying “omg she’s sooooo cute I cant”
  • gasp
  • No wonder Dempsey was the way she was on the show.
  • 🫖 🐸 .. messy and I’m here for it 😂
  • @_statler was my fave person ever from the franchise. I’m so bummed this happened to her

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