Whitney Rose Will Film In “Dummy House” For 5th Season Of RHOSLC

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Whitney Rose and her family are relocating!

During an episode of The Viall Files podcast, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star dished that she “literally just bought a new house.”

“I’m moving,” exclaimed Whitney.

The ‘Monica‘ of it all:

The host, Nick Viall, asked the question on many Bravoholics minds, Did Whitney move because of her former co-star, Monica Garcia, who was part of the Instagram bully account, Reality Von Tease?

It’s “not because of Monica,” revealed Whitney.

The former Bachelor told the Wild Rose Beauty founder that fans have speculated she’s not returning for the 5th season of RHOSLC.

“Let’s keep them wondering,” teased Whitney before pivoting back to her family’s upcoming move.

We aren’t moving “because of Monica and it’s not because of the lack of return [on her investment], it’s because, one, I can and I want to.”

*Yes, queen!*

“Two, I love my fans but my fans [have access to] my address. I didn’t realize that, so now I’m moving to a private place and no one is going to know where I live.”

“My kids deserve that.”

There’s no looking back for the Bravo TV personality, her husband, and their two kids. “It’s already done.”

Enter the “dummy house”:

“We are going to film in a dummy house,” explained Whitney.

“No one’s gonna know where I live and I hope everyone respects that out of the privacy for my children.”

See for yourself:

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