Southern Charm New Orleans Alum Reagan Charleston Is Divorcing Reece Thomas

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Southern Charm New Orleans star, Reagan Charleston, has chosen to end her marriage to  Reece Thomas – with whom Bravoholics witnessed marry on the show.

During an appearance on the Side Piece with Mellisa Pfeister podcast, Reagan revealed, “I filed November 6th of last year [2022].” They were married on December 9, 2018 – almost 5 years ago to the day. 

“I can finalize it. I haven’t done it, yet.”

Reece and I have “gone back and forth so many times. It’s so hard.”

The hardest part of the split has been her two children.

“If I didn’t have kids, I would have moon-walked out of there probably a few years ago.”

“I have to get off the roller coaster, though.”

According to Reagan, Reece’s inability to man the eff up (my words, not hers) is what made the N’awlins socialite to call it quits.

“I have two kids. I just want [Reece] to grow up and he won’t grow up.”

“I’ve had, like, three kids.”

“I can’t do it. It’s too hard.”

Prepare to clutch your pearls …

Reagan revealed, “My friends and family have been begging me to file for years … That was a turning point for me.”

“Not a soul” told her to make it work with Reece.

Brace yourself for a mic drop moment … 

“My daughter – I want her to grow up and know what a healthy relationship is and how she should be treated,” declared Reagan.

And another … 

“I’ve tried to compartmentalize and balance all of it, but I work too hard to NOT feel happy and feel appreciated and respected.”

“Life’s too short.” Reece “had to go.”

Say it, sis. 

Southern Charm NOLA fans know Reece as Reagan’s second husband. “This is the second time I’ve filed for divorce.” reminded Reagan.

Never forget, Reagan’s first husband was New Orleans Saints Superbowl champion, Jeff Charleston. “It doesn’t get any easier.”

Reagan reiterated, “I also didn’t have kids the first time…”

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