John Janssen Sues Shannon Beador Over Unpaid Facelift Loan

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Shannon Beador is getting sued by her ex, John Janssen, for failing to repay a facelift loan.

The lawsuit:

According to reports from People, “The Real Housewives of Orange County star’s ex-boyfriend filed a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court against her for breach or oral contract and promissory fraud, among other things, to recover $75,000 he claims she failed to repay him.”

“In the complaint, Janssen, 61, alleges that Beador, 59, turned to him for financial support in early 2022, borrowing $40,000 via wire transfer on Jan. 23, 2022 for a facelift procedure. Then, on May 20, 2023, he gave her another $35,000 via personal check.”

“In both instances, Janssen claims in the docs, Beador agreed to pay back the loan with interest. But despite multiple requests in 2023 and 2024, Janseen claims she has yet to.”

“Janssen is seeking the full amount, plus accrued interest, costs, and reasonable attorneys’ fees.”

Shannon’s statement in response to John’s facelift lawsuit:

“I am shocked and disappointed that John has a filed a lawsuit. My attorney has been in constant communication with his counsel. I agreed to pay John what he wanted because I knew that attorneys fees would surpass the amount sought, but more importantly to eliminate the negative emotional components that come with a lawsuit. It is important that I continue to focus on the positive aspects of my life and move forward.”

The statement continued, “John declined the offer because he refused to sign a mutual non-disparagement agreement. I was hoping that if I met his baseless demand we could at least use this as an opportunity to bring complete closure to this chapter in my life.”The suit will come as a surprise to RHOC fans, who have heard through Beador in the past that Janssen was financially dependent on her during their time together.

According to Shannon, “the money was a ‘gift’ — something her ex disputes and allegedly has proof of otherwise.”

“Ms. Beador’s defense that Mr. Janssen paid her the $75,000 as a ‘gift’ is completely meritless, which their e-mails and text messages will show.”

John is saddened by Shannon’s “unwillingness to repay the loans [for her facelift that] made it necessary to file this lawsuit.”

The former RHOC couple dated for three and half years before splitting in January 2023.

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Has he ever seen Judge Judy? Um you gave her a gift, not a loan dude.
  • This headline 10/10
  • John suing Shannon over a facelift was the news i didn’t know i needed today
  • Okay now I feel like they’re just trying to psychologically break her down…. Enough
  • At this point I think he’s trying to earn an orange for himself
  • “He’s a private person” apparently not 😂
  • LEAVE 👏 SHANNON 👏 ALONE! The only person that has the right to sue her is Archie 😂


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What’s your opinion of John suing Shannon for not paying him back for her facelift?