Scheana Shay Hinted Jax Taylor Uses Narcotics After He Dragged Her Parenting

scheana jax pasta

Scheana Shay low-key accused Jax Taylor of using pasta (narcotics) after he made disparaging comments about her parenting. On a Scheananigans podcast titled ‘Jax’s Pasta Habits,’ the Vanderpump Rules star emotionally defended the choices she is forced to make being a working mom.

**For context, it has been rumored that the iconic Pump Rules saying, “It’s Not About the Pasta” is code for illicit drugs.**

Is Scheana right … Is it ‘about the pasta’ for Jax?

The Bravo TV personality began, “Jax made a disgusting comment about me and said some untrue things about VPR. So, he was at his self-named bar – Jax’s – seemingly drunk. Probably had a lot of ‘pasta‘ that night to eat.”

Jax, who stars on The Valley, “had the audacity to say that I’m always out partying and leaving my child to be raised by my mother. First of all, he irony of this from the guy sitting at his own bar partying without his child. That’s not lost on me. Secondly, it’s just so far from the truth. He should know this! 95% of the time when I’m out it’s a work thing,” Scheana in response to alleged pasta-using Jax’s insults.

Scheana got emotional talking about mom guilt:

“I feel like I do [have to defend myself].” Scheana continued, “It’s also after I put my kid to bed. It’s so frustrating because I do a lot of stuff. I do go out often, but I can’t make plans before 9pm. If that means I’m going to be tired the next day, I’m still going to wake up with my kid.”

“I had literally so much mom guilt for coming out to New York a day early to support Ariana [Madix] and see her last show. Brock [Davies] and I went back and forth about this. He was like, ‘Scheana, I really want to go and see her show. I know you’ve already seen it, but I really want to go.”

Moving on from Jax and pasta, Scheana reminded her husband, “Honey, we have Coachella coming up. Also, I have two work commitments. I’m not just going to party at a festival. I’m going to work and make money. I just don’t think I can do another day in New York. I need to spend all of Sunday with Summer.”

“Then, I see that [Jax] is making comments, ‘Scheana’s just out in New York. Scheana’s going to be at Coachella.” Jax knows Scheana’s plans because her mom is taking Summer to his son’s birthday party this weekend, “Working.”

“It just really upset me,” concluded the Good As Gold crooner.

What do you think of Scheana’s accusation alleging Jax using pasta after he insulted her parenting?