Summer House’s Sam Feher Broke Up With Kory Keefer

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Updated post 1/16/2024 @ 8:42

It’s official!

Sam Feher is done with her Summer House co-star, Kory Keefer … and fans couldn’t be happier for her!

During an appearance on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Sam disclosed what went wrong in her situationship-turned-relationship with the crop-top suit enthusiast.

The disrespect:

The demise of Kory and Sam’s relationship came during time Bravo TV filmed Kory’s Winter House confessionals, which is about “6 to 8 months” after they film, according to Sam.

She alleged Kory would leave her bed to film confessionals in NYC where he disregarded and belittled his relationship with Sam, even saying he needs to “shit or get off the pot” regarding his relationship status with the entrepreneur.

Sam was appalled that Kory would say such hurtful and inconsiderate things then jump right back in bed with her.

Ultimately …

Sam didn’t break up with Kory because she didn’t love him, but because he didn’t love her.


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Fans react:

  • she’s a 10 and he’s a 6 at best. he never deserved her. go live your life girl! 🙌
  • She’s an angel. He never treated her the way she deserved to be treated, not once on camera atleast
  • Obvi we are all team Sam
  • 👏 he’s not good for her. And btw if you take a good luck he’s homely as hell!
  • Love Sam.. was kind of hoping Kory would change with her.. he seemed to really like and care about her. But I’m glad she’s onto better things!
  • Justice for Kory. This guy is just constantly getting projected on by women who can’t get him or by women who’ve been hurt by good looking men. You should check out the gym he started while he was with her… imagine doing that while in a long distance relationship? What people don’t understand is that men have priorities outside of women. We are always telling women to pursue their dreams and not care about men… but if a guy does that he’s wrong? On WH he had a convo with his dad that his business and having it succeed is his main priority in life right now, and his dad reminded him how important that is but other aspects in life are also important.
  • She is way too good for him.

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Summer House Splittsville?

Sam Feher celebrated the new year sans Kory Keefer.

The Bravo TV personality took to her Instagram page to share a selfie and a pic of her enjoying dirty martinis with a female friend alongside the caption, “A fresh start🍸✨.”

Kory wasn’t mentioned or tagged in the photo.

Bravoholics react:

  • I’m glad ur not with him anymore he’s a cool “friend” but he needs to grow tf up cuz his ways r old & he isn’t good looking enough to act the way he does
  • imagine losing you
  • You can do much better than Kory! Go get it!! 👏👏
  • I loved you two together hope this is fake news and you work it out.
  • I really loved their chemistry together. But could tell Sam was more into him than he was her. He crossed so many lines on winter house & she deserves better than that. ❤️
  • Girl you are smart beautiful with a beautiful energy 😘 you deserve a man to give you the world! He literally wore a crop top suit….people can wear what they want but his aura is screaming I WANT ATTENTION and that’ll never change. You made the right choice.
  • You deserve a guy who wants only you and puts you on a pedestal. Not someone who wants to flirt with other girls and see “how far he can push the line”. Happy 2024.
  • lindsay 🤝 sam = single era 🙌

See for yourself:


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