Summer House’s Sam Feher Describes Dating Kory Keefer As “An Occupational Hazard”

kory keefer sam feher summer house dating boyfriend official.

Love brewed in Bravo‘s Summer House! Sam Feher and Kory Keefer are officially dating.

“Kory’s my boyfriend!” Sam swooned to Page Six. “That is so weird. I haven’t had a boyfriend in so long!”

The pair “made it official a little while ago,” so Bravoholics will see their romance blossom on the show. “It’ll be really fun to watch our love story play out a little bit.”

“I knew going into this relationship with Kory, like, it’s an occupational hazard.”

“If we break up, we’re gonna be the exes that people are talking about. So you just have to be prepared for that.”

“I think, if anything, it just makes me more excited for people to see our relationship because we all kiss a lot of frogs, we date a lot of people who don’t end up being our people.”

“How many people get to say the first time we met, our first kiss, etc. are “immortalized” on the show?

“I don’t want to get emotional, but it’s very special to find someone who means so much to you and then get to relive that experience all the time.”

Does this seem like a good pairing, in your opinion, or is this a recipe for disaster? Drop your prediction below.