Nick Alain Defends Lisa Vanderpump And Graham The Dog After Rachel Leviss Spoke Poorly Of Them

nick alain dogs lvp

Nick Alain defended LVP and Graham the dog after Rachel Leviss spoke poorly of them. 

In a resurfaced social media post, the restaurant designer – who you may remember from Vanderpump Rules – defended Lisa Vanderpump and Graham [the dog Rachel gave away] while calling the former beauty pageant contestant out for being a bad dog-mom.

Nick began with insight into Vanderpump Dogs:

“We have two amazing dogs that we adopted through Vanderpump Dogs.”

“It is made very clear that if for any reason, you can no longer care for your dog, you can call the center and they will take the dog back, no questions asked.”

This is when Nick turned the focus from LVP to Rachel and her carelessness over her dog’s handling.

Nick continued, “It seems you care only about yourself, and what people would say, which is why you tried to give the dog away secretly.”

Nick is Team Graham Hippie:

“I had never met Graham before, and I personally flew him out to hand him over to James, spending the entire day flying with him, and also spending the night with him in my room.”

“This is not an aggressive dog; he was scared, and I’m sure felt abandoned, probably for a long time under your supervision.”

“When a dog doesn’t feel love or security, they will lash out. You gave him up because he did not fit your lifestyle, end of story.”

Furthermore, “how dare you try to portray Lisa as a person who would use a dog for a storyline.”

“Do you even know or understand what she has done for dogs?? You need to stop and think before you continue down this road trying to make everyone at fault for your shortcomings.”

Bravo TV fans react to Rachel saying LVP used her former dog for a storyline:

  • I don’t doubt her love and devotion to dogs and all animals, that much is very obvious. I also don’t doubt her willingness to do anything for ratings
  • She didn’t love graham/hippie she couldn’t take care of him properly. didn’t he have something wrong with him? and she didn’t even know until James pointed it out
  • I disagree; he’s got behavior issues. Doodles are notorious for being unpredictable, it’s why trainers, vets and groomers have stopped seeing them.
  • He was definitely abused that’s why he was aggressive. I don’t think Rachel wanted him in the first place. It was only to hurt James
  • Whenever I think there might be a chance for the slightest amount of redemption for Rackell, more unflattering news comes out about her. She can’t get out of her own way