Rachel Leviss Encouraged Jo Wenberg to Shade Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan’s Red Carpet Looks

Rachel Levis Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan at iHeart Awards

It appears Rachel is still going rogue!

The Vanderpump Rules alum and pageant queen admitted on the April 7 episode of Rachel Goes Rogue she encouraged Jo Wenberg (Tom Schwartz’s best friend and former roomie) to repost a best and worst dressed list from the iHeart Radio Music Awards.


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Katie Maloney and her Disrespectfully co-host, Dayna Kathan, walked the “yellow carpet” alongside Leviss, however,  only Leviss who made this lists’ best dressed.


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“I got a little bit petty, because Katie and Dayna were also at the award show and I did see them there,” Leviss begins. “They were listed right after me as worst dressed, not cohesive.”

Leviss’ ego fueled her desire to shade her former co-stars.

“I encouraged Jo to post the best and worst showing Katie and Dayna, and then I resposted it. It felt good in the moment.”

Leviss decided to work through the situation with her therapist who encouraged her to take accountability for her actions.

“The reason I’m talking about it now is because I think it’s important to take ownership of our mistakes.”

Rachel revealed she sent both Maloney and Kathan a text apologizing privately for her part, and then continued her apology tour on her podcast.

“I decided that was not my best decision because I’m in the space of learning and growing and also being kind, and it’s so easy to get on the same level as some of these other people. That’s not who I want to be.”

Maloney nor Kathan responded to Leviss’ apology at the time the episode was released.

“I don’t think I’m blocked,” Leviss says. “Even though I am blocked on Instagram.”

Do you think Rachel Leviss has actually grown from Scandoval? Or is it all a bunch of smoke and mirrors? Let us know your thoughts!