Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan Respond to Rachel Leviss’ “Performative” Apology Text

Maloney Kathan Leviss Apolgy Text

Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan are saying “thanks but no thanks” to Rachel Leviss’ apology.

On the April 17th Disrespectfully episode, the Vanderpump Rules co-stars began their “Text from Rachel” segment reading the infamous text apology.

“Mine said,” (in reference to Leviss’ text) Kathan begins,

“Hi Dayna, I just texted Katie and I wanted to apologize to you both for encouraging Jo to post that article and I’m sorry for reposting it. It was very petty and uncalled for. I’m aware of my actions and I’m working to do better.”

In case you missed it: Leviss posted an emergency podcast “outing herself” for her involvement in Jo Wenberg posting the “worst dressed” red carpet looks from the iHeart Radio Music Awards to her Instagram stories.

No one knew (to include Maloney and Kathan) that Leviss was the mastermind behind Jo’s Instagram stories.

“When I saw that, I was like ‘okay you’re apologizing for some petty internet bullshit, but I have not seen any acknowledgement, accountability, or apology for the real torment and hurt that you brought to my life’.”

“I don’t enjoy apologies unless I see modified behavior and there’s action that follow it,” Maloney said.

The Disrespectfully duo found the text to be performative and questioned the motive in sending it, “just do better,” Kathan said.

“She created an entire situation out of nothing to literally have something to talk about,” Maloney said.

The Something About Her co-founder ended the segment with a midcrop, “don’t talk to dead people.”

Watch the podcast episode, below!

Do you think Rachel Leviss sent Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan an apology text to create content for Rachel Goes Rogue?