Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan Respond to Jo’s Instagram Shade ‘Tag us’

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Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan are clapping back at Jo Wenberg’s shade toward their red carpet looks at the iHeart Radio Music Awards.

During the April 10 Disrespectfully episode, the podcasting duo did not hold back their feelings toward Rachel Leviss and Jo Wenberg.

“Jo is internationally known for her style choices,” Kathan joked surrounding her involvement in the IG shade.

Wenberg posted an Instagram story showcasing Leviss’ look, and then scrolled to show Maloney and Kathan’s position on the red carpet ranking.

“That’s all you have to say? I feel like you could have done better,” Maloney said.

In case you missed it, Rachel Leviss (Tom Sandoval’s former lover) revealed she “encouraged” Jo Wenberg to post that Katie and Dayna were featured on Life & Style’s “worst dressed” list, opposite Rachel who appeared on the “best dressed” list.

“If you’re going to try to shade, that’s not very good.”

“Say it with your whole chest, 10 toes down. Tag us and say ‘you guys looked like sh*t. Even this magazine says so’,” Kathan said.

Tom Schwartz’s roomie/hairdresser/situationship and ex-wife have not gotten along due to their respective relationships with him.

“I’ve acknowledged that when I ‘came for her on the internet’ I was in a very different place in my life. I was going through a very difficult time and transitioning from my divorce,” Maloney said.

“I watched the season, and I felt bad for what she went through with Tom.”

Maloney questioned Wenberg’s timing with the shade as it’s been months since Maloney proclaimed she wanted to “light her on fire”.

(Proverbially of course.)

Watch the Disrespectfully episode below!

Are you surprised that Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan are more upset at Jo posting the shade than they are with Rachel Leviss encouraging it?