Are Kyle Richards And Morgan Wade About To Make Their Romantic Relationship Official?

kyle richards morgan wade hard launch relationship

 Kyle Richards is allegedly on the precipice of making her romance with Morgan Wade official.

Kyle and Morgan going public:

A tip was dropped to Deux Moi hinting the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG and Morgan are going to hard launch their relationship sooner than later.

“This country music singer is set to premiere their relationship in a very public way,” began the anonymous source.

“The love up pair shot a highly coveted magazine cover, which will drop shortly and be a shock to many.”

See for yourself:

Here’s the tip alleging Kyle and Morgan are making their romance official.


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Bravo TV fans react:

  • I mean it’s about time. I would have appreciated Kyle more if she was more honest than dodging every question that comes her way.
  • Finally!!!! Morgan makes it official at the reunion and Sutton faints!
  • Dropping on the third day reunion no doubt 😂
  • everyone can see kyle and morgan been official for a while now
  • This really makes me think it was Kyle’s camp that leaked the story to People.
  • Shock to many? The many who haven’t been hit over the head daily with this storyline?
  • Why is this so secretive ? It’s normal atp … it’s like ok Kyle you like women now. Can we just move on 🙄

Kyle and Morgan look official:

Kyle and Morgan were recently caught cozying up to each other backstage at Watch What Happens Live.

Eagle eyed fans caught Morgan displaying PDA with Kyle while the pair were on the step-and-repeat.

While Morgan sported a Hermes belt (so chic!), she wrapped her arm around Kyle (who donned a spaghetti-strapped black mini dress by PatBO) and amorously stroked the Real Housewife’s hip.


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The Kyle/Mauricio/Morgan Timeline:

The months of rumors of Kyle and Mauricio Umansky having marital issues were confirmed the same time fans became confident Kyle and Morgan will be official soon.

In July of 2023, People reported the couple split “a while” ago “but are still living under the same roof.” The parents of three daughters “remain amicable as they figure out what’s next for them and their family.”

Meanwhile, Kyle and Morgan got matching heart tattoos, Kyle played Morgan’s love interest in her music video, Fall In Love With Me, and fans noticed Kyle stopped wearing her wedding ring.

Do you think Kyle and Morgan are FINALLY going to make their romance official in the near future? Sound off below.