Kristen Doute Detailed How Tom Sandoval Gave Her Money When She Wasn’t Getting Fair Pay On VPR

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Kristen Doute recalled a time Tom Sandoval came to her rescue financially, much like he did with Scheana Shay when she was struggling to make money during the pandemic.

The VPR alum began, “I believe it was my second to last season on Vanderpump Rules.”

“There was a Witches of WeHo wine party. Katie [Maloney], Stassi [Schroeder], and I were not getting along.”

Pay discrepancy:

Kristen explained how Sandoval gave her money when he felt she wasn’t getting paid fairly.

“At that time, I had been demoted from an episodic paid cast member to a day rate.”

“So, that episode I was in. But, barely. So, I did get paid.”

The returning Bravo TV personality continued, “Tom Sandoval happened to be there and he was in it for like a blink of an eye. When that episode aired, he was in it for just a second and he got paid his episodic rate.”

“Tom and I haven’t been super tight friends since our breakup, but we were buddies. And, Ariana [Madix] and I were friends.”

“Without him telling me, I get a PayPal (an electronic money transfer) for a few thousand dollars from Tom Sandoval,” continued Kristen.

“I’m like, ‘What the fuck?! This has to be a mistake.”

“I texted him, ‘Hey, dude. I don’t know who you meant to send this to, but this came to mine.”

“So, I sent [the money] back” to Sandoval, noted Kristen.

Kristen declined the transfer from Sandoval and joked “Now, I wish I would have” taken the money.

Tom finally returned Kristen’s text and says, “No. I meant to send that to you. I’m going to send it again.”

“He sent it to me because he said he did not think it was fair that he got paid his full episodic payment for being in this episode for a split second when I carried that episode on my back and only got paid nickels in comparison.”

See Kristen talk about Sandoval giving her money here:

A charitable cheater?

Kristen and Scheana the only people Sandoval has given money to …

During an episode of the Vanderpump Rules After Show, the worm responsible for Scandoval left the audience gobsmacked with his “non-self-serving” display of charity.

“Everybody, on your birthday, you should give a homeless person $100. The best way to do it – the best … I’ll show you how to give a homeless person $100 in very, like, non-self-serving way.”

“You go, uh, you walk by and you go, ‘Hey dude. Can you hold this for me real quick? Thanks,’ and you literally just take off down the street. It’s, like, so fast.”

Is Sandoval giving money to Kristen, Scheana, and the unhoused population generosity or a manipulation tactic? Drop your opinion below.