Jax Taylor Simultaneously Slams Kristen Doute And Credits Her For Bailing Him Out Of Jail

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Jax Taylor insults Kristen Doute as he reveals she bailed him out of jail. 

During an appearance on the Hot Mic podcast, the controversial star of The Valley and his estranged wife, Brittany Cartwright, argued over their co-star, Kristen.

Brittany began by praising the former Vanderpump Rules star. “I love Kristen.”

“She’s one of my closest friends. It’s Jax and Kristen who have their issues … not me.”

Jax’s problems with Kristen:

Before he remembered how Kristen bailed him out of jail, Jax explained why he gets so bothered by her. It’s Kristen’s “ways of thinking and ways of doing things, I just don’t agree with.”

“She pisses off a lot of people she’s hardheaded. I have to have small doses of her or I’ll lose it. I can’t take her.” Kristen “sabotages herself,” rambled Jax.

Brittany jumped in to call out Jax’s hypocrisy for his criticism of Kristen when his public image is consistent with a crazed maniac.

Jax responded, “Mmm. I don’t know” and continued to deflect back to Kristen.

Jax recalls the time Kristen bailed him out of jail:

While calling Kristen as a “loyal friend,” Brittany began to hypothesize how Kristen would respond if Jax’s went to jail … again.

Jax interrupted Brittany to reveal Kristen DID bail him out of jail. “I did go to jail and she was the first person to pick me up.”

The returning Bravo TV personality continued, “She did pick me up from jail, actually. This is before we filmed … the first time I went to jail.” 

Stuck in the memory, Jax’s continued, Kristen “did pick me up. She was the only one available at the time.”

“This is when I was living with Tom and Tom. Kristen was dating Sandoval and she was the only one around to come get me [from jail],” continued Jax. “So, she came and got me.”

Kristen “even brought me candy and a Coke. I forgot about that. That was years ago.”

See for yourself:

What do you think about Jax insulting Kristen as he recalled her bailing him out of jail when no one else would?