Josh Flagg And Josh Altman Not In A Good Place As Heather Altman Has More Of A Presence On Million Dollar Listing LA And In The Office

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As Josh Altman and Josh Flagg find themselves on the outs during season 15 of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Altman finds relief that his wife/business partner is taking a more active role on the show and in the office.

Altman VS Flagg – The Battle of the Joshes:

“Our relationship is not where it used to be,” admitted Josh Altman to Flagg “runs his business the way he wants to run his business, and we do ours a totally different way.”

Altman continued, “To make it as black and white as possible, our relationship is not where it used to be. For many years, it was not great, and then it started to get better over a five-year period. Now, it’s not great again. We’re amicable, though. Being friends with anybody in business that you go up against is tricky. There are going to be lots of highs and lows.”

“You’ll have to tune in because the deals this season change where we’re at relationship wise,” teased Altman. “It’s interesting.”

Sprinkling more Heather into the mix:

Josh Altman wondered, “Why is Heather – who sells more than all of us combined – not on the show?” The million dollar sales agent is excited for the Bravosphere to get to know Heather better professionally. “It’s new for audiences to see how much of a boss she is. Nothing new for us over here.”

Heather added, “I feel I’ve been kept behind the scenes for too long now. Obviously, I’ve always been a part of show, but I really have been able to have a voice this season.”

I’m sure this is a relief for Josh Altman since he and Josh had a significant disagreement over a business deal.

In case you missed it:

“The Altman Brothers have an incredible listing on Readcrest,” explained Heather on the season premiere. Flagg wasn’t thrilled to find out Altman had the listing. During a confessional, Flagg explained the source of the drama. “Altman and I went on that listing appointment together.”

Later, another agent asked Flagg if he was going to Altman’s open house for the property, and he was quick to shut down that idea. “I’m not supporting someone who f-cking hijacked the listing that we went on together. Fuck that.”

“This Readcrest listing is a little bit of a sore subject for me because it’s fair to say that Altman fucked me … and not in the way that I like to be fucked,” joked Flagg.

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