Jeff Lewis Is Flipping Out

The hot-headed reality star is shocked after his daughter, Monroe, was expelled from pre-school!

September 17, 2019 4:29pm

Jeff Lewis Is ‘Flipping Out!’… again. The hot-headed Bravolebrity is shocked after his daughter, Monroe, was expelled from pre-school!

How does a pre-schooler get expelled? By having ‘mouthy’ (pun intended) Jeff Lewis as a father, of course!

The prestigious Montessori preschool has an opening since Jeff and his ex, Gage Edward, have been forced to find a new school for their two year old daughter.


The decision was made by school administrators after they received complaints about negative comments Jeff made about the elite school on his Sirus XM show. Jeff discussed the school’s ‘Back to School Night’ for parents and read two internal emails from parents mocking them.

“Apparently I’ve mentioned a few things about the school on air.” The house-flipper continued, “I take full responsibility. … I am really, really sorry. I feel terrible about what happened. I know how it has affected Monroe. I will never do this again.”

According to, Jeff begged the headmistress from Montessori to reconsider expelling his daughter, but he quickly learned there was no hope. That’s when Jeff changed his tune….


Jeff explained on Tuesday that this experience has taught him that Montessori wasn’t the right fit for his daughter. “I picked the wrong school,” Jeff said trying to save face. “Next time, I’m going to trust my gut. I felt like the school was too regimented, too structured. I think, it’s not a college prep course. It’s preschool.”

He didn’t stop there. “Everyone takes themselves so seriously at that school.” He continued, “I think these people are arrogant, they’re pretentious… I don’t want Monroe to be in a strict school with overachievers and massive homework. She has her whole life to be stressed out. It’s preschool, let her be a kid and have fun.”

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