Erin Lichy Explains Why She And Abe Withheld Paying Rent On Their NYC Apartment

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Damn the man:

One of the stars of the Real Housewives of New York reboot, Erin Lichy, responded to claims she and her husband, Abe Lichy, failed to pay their rent.

According to the RHONY personality, their living quarters have not been maintained by the landlord, so they were given legal advise to stop making payments until the landlord took action on the issues the Lichy family were experiencing.

Erin’s side:

The Bravo TV star began, “Unfortunately, NYC has a serious issue with landlords neglecting their buildings and their basic responsibilities to provide adequate living for their tenants.”

“This is an issue that does not discriminate and there were serious issues due to failed updates and basic maintenance that impacted our family during our lease.”

“We spent months in an unfit apartment with broken promises,” continued Erin before adding, “We poured a lot of hard work and a significant amount of our personal money into what was supposed to be our long-term home.”

Taking a stand:

“The additional changed were to be made by the landlord and when conditions worsened, so we hired a well-known tenant attorney that advised us to withhold rent until such issues were remedied and an appropriate abatement as agreed upon, which would incur late fees.”

“This is common practice with legal rights as tenants in NYC.”


“We continued to follow up for months to resolve the issue. There was zero response and we have receipts to prove that we tried to rectify before moving. It’s been 6-months with no communication until this week, when they filed a lawsuit.”‘

“This could have been settled amicably, if they would have responded to any of our outreach. As someone who works in real estate and has been a landlord, I am appauled at his behavior, yet, not surprised.”

Erin, the advocate:

“There are thousands of New Yorkers who have had similar experiences and unfortunately have limited resources or knowledge to fight back and I hope that my current situation to be a lesson to landlords to take better care of hard-working tenants that live in their buildings.”

“This should not happen to anyone and I’m proud of me and my husband for taking a stand.”

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