Chef Rachel Hargrove Refuses To Attend BravoCon Because Of Southern Charm's Austen Kroll

Rachel is "done with the bullies in tv."

July 27, 2022 4:26pm

Chef Rachel Hargrove took to Twitter to share her honest opinion of Southern Charm‘s Austen Kroll.

She didn’t stop there!

The outspoken Below Deck star shared receipts from the PR team at Bravo trying to persuade her to remove the post.

We don’t deserve this queen…

How it started:

How it’s going:

It didn’t take long for Peyton from Bravo’s PR firm to try to silence Rachel. ***I transcribed the Tweets in case the post gets removed…***

  • PR Peyton: “It’s not in our best interest to have you saying negative things about other shows on the network. Each show and talent should support each other or just not say anything at all.”
  • Chef: “Just make sure the drunk c*kehead knows not to talk to me again.”
  • PR Peyton: “Understood but it’d be helpful if I had a little more context. We can make sure he won’t say anything again.”
  • Chef: “He was in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale where I live.. we met up….but what was actually good was I met his brewing team. We were all hanging out. He didn’t like the fact I don’t party and was doing his whole thing… being an idiot.”
  • “Even when he and chep [Shep Rose] through [sic] my bag on the floor at up fronts while waiting to go do dress rehearsals.”
  • PR Peyton: “I hear you – that’s rude and unacceptable of him. Sorry you had that experience with them. We’ll have someone speak to him too but would appreciate you removing the tweet since it was a personal incident.”

Rachel concluded this tweet with a screenshot of a DM from Austen asking, “Rachel? WTF.”

The reality tv gods are good…

Additional highlights:

Chef truly gave Bravoholics Christmas In July with more tweets annihilating the network.

  • “Ps…. F*ck below deck.”
  • “I don’t sit down I stand up…. I’m tired of the BS… I refuse to participate in @BravoCon2022.”
  • “Next should we talk about breaking the 4th wall on the show?”
  • “I will no longer be associated [sic] with organizations I don’t believe in.. anyone else wants to piss me off this week? Let’s f*cking go….”

Do you think Rachel’s transparency will end up getting her fired? Drop your opinion off in the comments.


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